do you have a favorite shape? mine is a person shape. no single one is exactly like another; bodies like fingerprints… unique to each and every one of us. all so varied, but all so beautiful in their own magnificent ways.
is there any other shape in the world that keeps you up at night? one that, once you finally stop your tossing and turning, haunts your dreams, in the best and worst ways.
some person shapes have particularly fantastic arms shapes, and legs shapes, and behind shapes, and face shapes, and oh, how i could go on. they feel better than anything else in the world as well. there is nothing better than to touch the soft skin of another shape, or to have another person shape lightly drag their hand shapes over the peaks and valleys or your own magnificent shape. the history of all worship reduces to people shapes touching other people shapes.
and, oh! the wonderful things these shapes can do! they breathe and speak and create and move in the most magnificent ways.
person shapes; there are no better things to behold.

4 thoughts on “shapes

  1. THIS! was nicely written. I commend you. I agree with you. And I will remember this sweet portion of goodness till I get married….and then I will quote this to my husband.

    🙂 Rock on!

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