Katie West Interview

Katie West is a photographer best known for her primarily nude, honest, raw, sensual self portraits. Her work is NSFW (see: nude), but that shouldn’t deter you from checking it out.

What is love (baby don’t hurt me)?
Love is a choice you make. Because love is hard and you decide what to do with it once you figure you might’ve found it.

Who is the most remarkable person you know personally, and why do you think so?
My mother is the most remarkable person I know. I think this because more than anyone I’ve ever known, she knows how to live. Really live. She truly lives each day like it’s her last. And she has faults, she has a lot of faults, and makes a lot of mistakes. But she’s still managed to raise two good kids, has a good husband, many people who love her and doesn’t let anything get in the way of her good day. It annoys me how optimistic she is sometimes, but she’s got the right idea I think.

Where does love hide?
I don’t think love hides; it’s everywhere, right? Looking for it is pointless, and will never work. The only thing you can do is close your eyes to it, and then there’s no one to blame for a lack of love in your life, but yourself. Open your eyes and bam. Mother fucking love.

When was the last time everything felt perfect? Tell us about it! Honestly, this happens to me often. I will be sitting in my living room with Matt, and we’ll be watching some sort of marathon of Supernatural, or BSG or something, drinking tea, trying to get enough couch space from my two cats who for some reason think they own the place and I think to myself that yes, I would have no problem doing just this for the rest of my life. Family makes for a lot of perfect moments for me. Friends too.
When you think of the word ‘beautiful,’ what’s the first thing to come to mind?
I think of my friends, mainly. I have a lot of very good friends and always feel lucky about that. And they’re all so good-looking too. And to top it all off, they have these ridiculously good souls under those beautiful skin suits that just exacerbate their beauty to the nth degree.
What is your favorite thing to do to keep warm on a cold day?
Oh, it’s actually a freezing cold day here in Toronto today. It’s snowing and my house is cold! I am wearing my pajamas and these amazing slippers I have that make me feel like a Yeti and am under two blankets. And tea, of course. I have this really great Holiday Chai tea. I don’t know why it’s holiday, but that’s what the box says. It’s good regardless.
What is your favorite part of your day to day routine?
At the moment, I don’t have much of a routine. I really like eating though. Lunch is my favourite meal of the day and to have a really satisfying day, I need to have a good lunch. I also like the part of the day where I cuddle with my cats.
Who in this whole wide world would you most like to be friends with (who is alive and who you are not already friends with)?
I’m thinking Patrick Stewart, but I’d rather just have sex with him, honestly. Okay, this is gonna sound kinda nerdy (ha! nerdier than the Patrick Stewart comment? Maybe), but there’s these shows called Reviews on the Run, and Electric Playground. They’re nerdy shows about video games mostly and hosted/created by Victor Lucas. And I’d like to be friends with him.

Obviously, it takes a tremendous amount of self-esteem to take nude self-portraits and put them online for the whole internet to see! What are some of your tips and tricks for keeping your self-esteem high?
I’ve never had a problem with my self-esteem. For some reason, from a young age, I’ve just never cared what anyone thought. I’ve never had to fight with myself to put something of myself out there for people to see. I’ve never been scared of being naked online. I think being a woman is fucking awesome, and I love everything about it.

So tips! 1. Don’t give a shit about anything anyone thinks about you. Just do what makes you happy. Dr. Suess said it best actually: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. and 2. Realize that you are worth loving. Don’t buy into that narcissism is bad mantra; there is nothing wrong with believing you are totally awesome and loving yourself a lot.

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