all the secrets.

we all have secrets. some dark, some silly, some that we tell no one yet let define us. we keep secrets to keep people safe, to keep ourselves safe, to keep trust, to be a good friend/good child/good parent. we keep secrets because we’re afraid of what people would think if they knew the truth. we keep secrets because if we admit our secrets, tell our secrets, it makes them real. we all have our secrets.

please, tell us yours.

you are remarkable is about community, being a tribe. let us in. let us know your secrets because some of us share the same secrets & to tell someone neutral & to have them say ‘i know, i know‘ isn’t good enough because they don’t know, they haven’t been there, they haven’t been you. well, we have.

good & bad we all have a common thread here.

we created this site because we’re lost, we’re scared, we’re lonely, we hurt, & sometimes we just need to hear someone say ‘YOU WILL BE OKAY’.

we hold the belief that everyone is inherently good.

you read this site because you’re lost, you’re scared, you’re lonely, you hurt, & sometimes you need someone to say ‘IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY’.

you hold the belief that everyone is inherently good.

let us in. share your secrets & we’ll share ours. share your secret no matter how dark or deep, silly or embarrassing. let us in.

every wednesday we’ll post a few secrets.
read them, share your experiences.
say ‘i know. i’ve been there. i hold the same secret.

you are lovely. don’t let your secrets define you.
everything will be anonymous.
share secrets:

3 thoughts on “all the secrets.

  1. ya know what’s great. on this very day of this posting i told my partner a very big secret knowing after knowing each other only a short time (2 wks) that he may not want to continue seeing me. but with a big breath and a steady step forward i did what I knew was best.

    it is daunting to reveal such a thing to the person with whom you are the closest. but if it is meant to be it will. and so far it has been. 🙂

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