july, july.
how did you celebrate you are remarkable day? weather put an uncertain damper on you are remarkable day in the city & it had to be postponed hour by hour day by day but summer storms will do that so you have to choose to flee your house when there is a break in the clouds even if it means you will surely be soaked on your walk home.

the book is selling quickly. have you purchased yours yet? remember, they come numbered & signed & will make a wonderful birthday, christmas, good luck, good day, i miss you, etc gift. a gift for every known occasion. a gift for no reason at all!

have you been keeping up with the word of the week? we’re on week three already! if you need to, catch up! exceptional, resplendent, staggering. write them in your journal, use them in some emails/letters, drop them frequently in conversation!

have a beautiful july.


3 thoughts on “mid-july.

  1. I’ve bought it, I’ve bought it! I can’t wait for it to arrive. And I wish English was the language spoken in my country, so I could use those words, but unfortunately it is not. Translating them just isn’t the same…

  2. I spent July 18th CELEBRATING ME BIRTHDAY YAY (my 15th to be specific)I went to Chapters to buy a It’s not Summer Without You By Jenny Han and read it at my Mom’s reasturant when i was supposed to be ‘helping out’ I DONT THINK SOOO XD it was a pretty awesome day the weather was nice here in Calgary nice and sunny.

    Next time i go to Chapters (hopefully soon) I’ll look for your book!

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