july 2008

this was our first official you are remarkable post 🙂
two years later & it all still stands true.

1. write a love letter to yourself!
2. read a book of ee cummings poetry out loud, even if only the animals or walls are listening.
3. believe in yourself.
4. write down 5 things your love about your life.
5. ask someone you love to write down their favourite 5 things about you.
6. do something you’re afraid of.
7. speak your mind!!!
8. kiss someone new. friendly or romantically.
9. don’t be afraid of failure.
10. eat your favourite dessert outside on a warm summer day.


3 thoughts on “july 2008

  1. I remember reading post this all those years ago:) I am go glad I discovered this blog and that it is still going. I am finally ordering the book today!

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