YAR Word of the Week

So, dear birds and babies, starting next Sunday, we’re going to have a weekly piece here at YAR. We’re calling it the ‘YAR Word of the Week,’ and it will go a little something like this.

Each week, we’re going to post a positive word, and its dictionary definition. It will be your MISSION to keep this word in your conscious mind all week long, and use it to describe things in your life.

We have chosen Sunday for a very specific reason: it’s the day before the oft dreaded Monday, the start to the work &/or school week for so very many people. Monday can be sluggish and you wish for the weekend. Monday is a tough day… which makes it the perfect day to make optimism a priority. Manifest positivity in your days… a word a week is a small start, we know, but a little can go a long way.

We’ll give you the word, and we’ll use it in a sentence, and then what we would love for you to do, is to respond to the post using the word in a sentence of your own, using it to describe some aspect of your life. Share that love with us and all of the other readers! Use the word all week long to remind yourself of the positive energy that surrounds you, and make that energy grow by feeding it with your good, appreciative thoughts.

6 thoughts on “YAR Word of the Week

  1. Wonderful. I could use help getting into a positive state of mind. And the day before Monday is a a good choice.

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