We are all human and that being the case, we are all so very blessed. One of our many blessings is the ability to appreciate beauty. How lucky we are to be able to appreciate aesthetics, and to revel in the glory of beautiful things and beautiful people.
As you walked down the street, did that woman turn your head? Tell her so! Tell her that she looks stunning. Did that boy catch your glance? Tell him how handsome he is.
Don’t wait for a reaction, don’t wait for a response. Continue on your way, and enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes from saying exactly what you’re thinking, and enjoy knowing that you’ve brightened someone’s day by paying them a genuine compliment.
We can all make this world a little brighter by putting our positivity out there! Don’t bottle it up; let out all of those good thoughts and feelings out there, and watch those smiles grow bigger and bolder every day. Building confidence isn’t done overnight, but build your own, and help others as well, and just watch your love spread, spread, spread.

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