summer love.

hello friends,
a few updates!!! 1) as you can see in the previous post, we are releasing a second edition of the book this summer!!! 2) we would love to start work on a new book to come out later this year. there will be a new activity to include all you wonderful people into the content of the book like the definitions last time. perhaps love letters this time around. 3) we would also like to include some things from the feel good revolt in the book so if you have received a letter & wish to include it in the book that would be wonderful!! 4) we have all been very busy bees these past few months pretending to be grown ups but this summer expect far more posts & activities. 5) JULY 11th is the two year anniversary of you are remarkable. wow, wow, wow. we are going to plan a YOU ARE REMARKABLE day as we did last year. if you would like to join in send us an email or such. we’ll tell you our plans when the time comes near. 6) go outside, enjoy yourself & make sure you’re living the life you wish to live. don’t let anything/anyone hold you back. don’t let yourself become stuck in a job, relationship, anything. live, live, & be free.

2 thoughts on “summer love.

  1. This is all great news! I’m especially excited about the new book and that there’ll be more posts!!

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