pay it forward.

have you ever been in a situation when you’ve seen someone in need of help? perhaps this someone is a person who simply tripped & fell (skinned their knee) while walking across the street. perhaps this someone is a person clutching their chest on a busy train. perhaps this someone is a friend you’ve seen with scars up their paper thin wrist. perhaps this someone is a classmate you’ve observed walking to the restroom after every time they eat. what do you do? what is everyone else doing? you weigh your options. for the first case, perhaps the person is embarrassed & doesn’t want the attention drawn to themselves. you could turn & walk away but what if this person (unlikely but) has a bleeding disorder & is need of some more care. weigh your options carefully. with the second case, perhaps this person has some slight indigestion we all get that from time to time. what if this person is having a heart attack & the other bystanders just turn a blind eye? with the last two, our minds can travel many places & we don’t want to lose friends or make enemies by assuming the worst. but what if we watch these scars come & fade, watch this person grow gaunt. then what? when does the problem become urgent enough? we should always take action. always take action, risk the embarrassing outcome. risk the loss of friendship, risk making a little mistake because what if you don’t take that risk & something awful happens. kindness is so important & we should be kind to all living things. we need to pay it forward & do onto others as we would want done onto us. what if these people were our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, best friends? we would be more likely to take the risk & take action in the situation. well, these people are someone’s father, mother, sister, brother. everyone has a family, everyone has people who care for them. we must always remember. what if we watch as these things happen, & watch our fellow bystanders watch & watch & watch action-less. do we take action? do we single ourselves out? yes yes yes! always take action. we are brave, strong individuals & we must be lead by what is right. we must pay it forward. we must always pay it forward.

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