bones, the internet, & self assurance.

when i trawl around tumblr i find that i am only ever confronted by images of super skinny models, thighs that don’t touch, and collar bones. i’m flooded with retouched images of perfect skin and white teeth on girls who look so sick that i’m suprised that they could even do the photoshoot. more so these photographs advertise these super skinny teenagers surrounded by tables of cupcakes, as if that is how they spend their time. they all smoke cigarettes and have ‘this too shall pass’ tattooed down their exposed ribs.

i admit as a young woman i am concerned daily with the way i look. yeah, i wish i was skinnier, i wish my skin was nicer and my hair longer. but i’m not unrealistic. these young girls reblogging on pages such as ‘gluttony’ idolise women who don’t exist. i too find beauty in a slender figure, a classic audrey hepburn, or a beautiful photograph. but those exist in their own universe. just because i like purple doesn’t mean that i am going to drown myself in the colour.

i know that these girls have a problem. that it is a problem which has been dictated by the media which pries on the already low self esteem of teenage girls and feed on their desires to be the unrealistic ideals that are presented. i feel so angry. i want to get these girls and shake them by their frames, tell them that there is no pride in what they are doing. that they are perpetuating their own depression and self loathing. that being skinny isn’t the end of the world, nor is being overweight, or any weight. that people will only like them for who they are, not the contrived figure they desire to present. that they can change, and feel good about themselves. but i know that their ears are as deaf to those remarks as they are blind to their own image in the mirror.
cara fox, australia.


4 thoughts on “bones, the internet, & self assurance.

  1. this breaks my heart. because it’s true. because our girls are being eaten from within in the name of happiness, in the twisted name of beauty.
    the deafness & the cold tears are prevalent, but there is hope. yes, there is hope.

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