bones, bones, hollow bones. do you ever feel like a stranger inside your own bones? that feeling that you just don’t quite fit inside yourself. that unease, the crawling of your skin. we must turn this awful feeling into something lovely. turn this sand into a pearl. we need to wake every cell in our being. electrify every inch. light it up, light yourself from within. we must learn every inch of our bodies, inside & out. we must realize that every cell inside ourselves is unique & purely us. we must stand up proudly because of this. we must let this pride fill the space in our marrow. we must let this marrow send this pride through our bones, veins, hair, skin. we will feel this pride & let it fill us with love for “i am proud of this being, this strong, unique, beautiful being!” this feeling will make our skin glow, our eyes shine bright. we must own, own our bones.

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