sometimes it’s hard to remember, but it’s true we’re all doing our very best. we’re all living to get through the day, and we’re trying to be happy, and not to feel our hearts break, and sometimes we may be cruel and lash out. but perhaps it’s only because of the mess that’s going on upstairs. we all go a little mad sometimes, we’re only human. but really, sometimes we do these things that hurt others, and we didn’t mean to do so, we were only trying not to get hurt ourselves; lashing out in self defense.

you could spend your whole life blaming others for past wrongs and indiscretions. or, you could live your whole life remembering that deep down, we’re all trying, and we all have eager hearts, and you can forgive and you can forgive. sometimes forgetting is difficult, but we can forgive, oh yes. i promise, WE ARE ALL TRYING TO DO OUR BEST.

7 thoughts on “best

  1. omg…that just made me feel okay..about everything that’s going on..I will explain on my blog. But thank you! Thank you for writing that and more importantly thank you for being you.

    I will need your address when you’re finally home 🙂

  2. It’s so true. I remember when I first really got this concept. All of a sudden I realized that my parents had really tried their hardest, and in that I was able to stop blaming them for just about anything. I love this post.

  3. this rang deep down in my heart. it was read at the exact moment it needed to be read. and I thank you. all of you who are trying, just like me. and I forgive you. and I forgive me.

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