“Play! Invent the world! Invent reality!”

-Nabokov “Look at the Harlequins!”


“the word is love.”

“i want to hear people yelling back at me. i find myself saying things more and more each night (i tour all the time) that might incite a fucking reaction—-wake up some indignance on either side of the spectrum—-be insulted by me or against the world that sewed your fucking mouth shut. tell me to fuck off cuz i called myself and you a mother fucking faggot. let me lull you. look at someone straight in the eyes—–how bout that— how hard is that? really hard. it’s hard for me, too, i swear. really hard. but i’m so strong. you are so strong. get tossed around in love and the lack of it the lost stomped down vicious control—-society’s brute grasp on the balls of every inclination to reach out. to pry your heart out of your own fucking hands and throw it up in the air for ANYONE to catch. to yell. in public. we can’t show ourselves. we could get arrested just for standing on a corner and yelling “someone come and fuck me please before i completely forget what it feels like to open myself up to something other than my own caged thoughts.” we’re fucked in the balls we’re ripped in the sewn up cunt by the boundaries of just exactly how strange it is cool to be. how uncool it is to be strange. fuck me. now. goddamn it. the word is love. we used to call it punk rock.”
–Carla Bozulich
(taken from tinymixtapes)

We can paint the walls with laughter
and everything will be all right.
Right now is right now.
Please don’t worry about before or after.

A boy walking home from elementary school once said “I’ve got big plans,” and I said to him, “Only today, only today.”

Seize the footpaths for those palegolden mornings. Fill your lungs to burst with cold fresh air.

We’re alive. Let’s just remind ourselves that, little bits at a time.

entirely exist

We need a revolution- a feel good revolution, maybe if we become hippies again, life will be good. Back to a bohemian soul. We define ourselves in material terms and nothing is ever enough.

You always need a better phone, a more advanced laptop, a more fashionable haircut- and it’s never enough. No one- or rarely it is that anyone ever recognizes that the soul is absolute. I am not being existential..or maybe I am, but that’s not the point.
My point is that a soul is there, a being- you are a being. One that is meant to infinitely grow and in defining it with something- anything- you are limiting its growth…you are reducing the infinite to a set of limited, finite things. And that does not make sense to me, I know we were meant to fully and entirely exist. To be one with everything.


have you ever stopped to wonder how many stars there are in the sky? i’ll tell you exactly how many there are. there is one for every single person alive today, and one for every person that has ever lived. there are new ones being born every day from clouds of gas and dust… interstellar nurseries. a new star for every new child.

we’re all up there, staking claim to our spots in the infinite void of sky. with our feet planted on the ground, when we look up to see the stars, some of them we see faintly, others we can’t see, some burn brightly, and there are some that make themselves known from the farthest reaches of the universe, sometimes only when someone’s looking just right.

the point is that they have more in common then they don’t, and every single one of them burns and burns and burns. whether you even know that it exists or not, each one burns on day in and day out. and as you’ve probably guessed by now, i’m not just talking about the stars. i’m talking about you.

your neighboring stars, your friends, your family, the celestial bodies that share your galaxy, they can see exactly how brightly you burn. they know your luminescence. maybe others don’t get close enough to see it, but that doesn’t for one second change the fact that you are there, you exist, and you burn, and you glow, you are powerful, and you light up the sky. you’re part of something far greater than what you see and what you know and what you comprehend, and we all are, and that is beautiful.

you’re a part of the galaxy. you’re a part of this vast, ever growing universe that is our home, that expands by the minute, as do our lives, augmented by new friends, and new experiences, new loves, and new knowledge.

the astronomers watch you from afar, and you may not even realize it, but you make people smile, you bring comfort just because you’re there. i promise. you make me smile.

you’re as old as time, and god dammit… i love you. thank you for burning, for shining on, for reliably being there to turn to when everything else seems to spin out of control on this crazy little earth that moves at tens of thousands of miles an hour. when it all falls apart, i know i can count on you. i can rely on the fact that you are there, and that you are existing, and that you are doing the best you can- because we all are, you know? you’re loving and living and breathing and god, what you do, it’s so much more than just existing, because i love you, and i know you burn burn burn with intensity and fervor. you are radiant and resplendent, and you are perfect.