coreena lewis!

coreena lewis is a gem. she is a beautiful, confident, empowered young lady who will make you feel beautiful.  she helps run a tumblr group called fuckyeahchubbygirls embracing bodies & helping so many girls feel beautiful in their own skin. coreena is also a wonderful artist & you can see & purchase some of her lovely things here. we are thankful for ladies like this. read her personal tumblr or look at some of her wonderful photos.

Who is the most remarkable person you know personally, and why do you think so? I can say with complete confidence, my mom. She is the funniest, most supportive person on this planet. Not just with me, or my sister, with everyone. Even when the plans you have seem like the most irresponsible, least tangible things possible, my mom will fully support you. This seems like the opposite of remarkable, but when your mom hands you a bottle of her greatest rum, helps you load your bed into your friend’s mini van and says “good luck” when you’re moving four hours away with $100 to your name, you know that she’s something special. She never doubts me.

Where does love hide? I think love hides everywhere, behind each grumpy old man or stressed out boss, there’s love. Maybe not for you, but for someone, or something. I try and remember this on a daily basis cause it’s a lot easier to be negative than positive, I think people generally really forget that about themselves and life.

When was the last time everything felt perfect? In general, I don’t really believe that perfection exists in anything, and that’s what makes life really that much more interesting. I feel my best when my life is moving and I’m experiencing new things. I think some of my personal flaws are what makes me keep moving and yearning for bigger and better things.

When you think of the word ‘beautiful,’ what’s the first thing to come to mind? I’m not sure if it’s the photographer in me, but it’s always about the simple things in life. Like, a rain fall during the sunniest day of the year, or waking up beside someone you love, or the palest girl on the beach. I love things that stand out on their own.

What is your favorite thing to do to keep warm on a cold day? Baths! I love baths more than I love most things in this world. I am sort of a water baby and I feel most comfortable when I’m around it. I am a west coast girl through and through. So yeah, a bath and a good book/comic.

What do you think would be the sound of you making magic? Definitely not me singing. I think it would sound sort of like a sprinkler, but louder, and with more Tetris noises.

What inspires you? I am lucky enough to be surrounded by all sorts of amazing influences. My friends are very interesting people with very interesting jobs/hobbies. A lot of them are photographers, artists etc. So, I end up getting a lot of great ideas through collaborating and exchanging ideas with them.

Why did you start your tumblr group? I didn’t actually start the FYCG site, in fact at first the girl who did start it, Amy, followed my personal blog and would reblog the pictures from my ‘365’ project I would post. She got busy and was looking for help and I stepped up. I love the site, it also is a great inspiration. The girls on it are constantly giving me their thanks and appreciation, which in return just gives that much more confidence.

What makes you feel confident? Other than running a blog that features ladies with full figures who are proud of it (in turn making me feel proud) putting on red lipstick, a good dress and parading around WHEREVER with my camera. I feel most confident with a camera in my hand. That or a pencil. It’s just second nature to me.

What is your favourite smell? This one is sort of weird, and I always laugh too much when I try to explain it, so it’s a good thing I’m typing. My grandparents use to own property on a lake and I use to spend every summer there with them. They owned this shed and it’s where they stored all the fun stuff (row boat paddles, tubes, buckets, water goggles…) my favorite smell is the first week of the summer going back there and opening up that shed. I don’t know why, it just smells like summer to me. Stale summer, but summer nonetheless.

Can you define the word “remarkable”? The first thing that comes to mind when I think of something being ‘remarkable’ is something unique and unusual. Like something happening by coincidence, or by chance. Some of the most remarkable things I’ve come across are due to being impulsive or whimsical.

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