your body doesn’t deserve what you do to it. you have a good body, a strong body, it doesn’t deserve this. you don’t deserve to hurt. your skin, this skin, it’s pale colour glows in the light. the constellations that freckle your shoulders. the flush in your cheek when, when, when. you don’t deserve to hurt. you say but the outside must match the inside. that means you can’t harm it. if it must match your inside we must keep it beautiful, strong, unharmed. we’ll keep you beautiful, strong, unharmed.


7 thoughts on “skin.

  1. I definetely agree with this post. There is nothing more greater than a feeling of embracing and loving our bodies just the way they are. I, myself, still do have insecurities about my body…but I am gentle with those insecurities and am trying my best to take care of my body and with time understand and feel that my body is sacred, beautiful, strong, and everything else remarkable.
    Personally, I feel insecure about my body when I feel insecure inside. When I feel insecure or scared, my body and mind automatically turn to food-as if food begins to control me. It’s a terrible feeling, and I have been working on myself for the past 3-4 months. I turn to food about twice a week, and it’s exhausting. But every time I do, I learn something new about my insecurities. I suppose that falling is just a normal part of any process of growth and change. Hopefully with time, I will be able to leave this stage of my life behind and have a little taste of something more stable and happier in my long journey.

    All of my love,

  2. These posts always bring me to tears. You know exactly what i need to hear and i love you for it. Thank you for caring about me when it feels like no one else is.

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