zachary schomburg has a way with words. he twists them into extraordinary things. he takes old words & makes them new. have you heard of him? no, no, no? well you must do yourself a favour & purchase one of his books. your heart will swell, your heart will burst, your heart won’t know what to do. his book the man suit is a personal favourite which has been purchased & gifted several times. it’s a book you truly must own. you can learn more about zachary here & purchase his books. go go go! he’s an inspiration to our writing so let us pick his heart & find out what makes him tick.

Who is the most remarkable person you know personally, and why do you think so?
Emily Kendal Frey. She has a strange capacity for poetry, a brain that moves like a kite. And her entire body is filled with her heart. Her heart is like a cream filling. She wrote Airport, which you can read as an e-book here , and has about ten other manuscripts that will be great books in this next decade. You heard me.
Where does love hide?
Love hides in a closet. A real closet–not a metaphorical one. It’s a closet somewhere, maybe in Canada or some place like that. It’s underneath a pile of sweatshirts and some trophies. The house has been demolished so we just have to imagine it. We all just have to do our best recreating it.
When was the last time everything felt perfect?
Things feel perfect in small exact moments. These are moments that last a few seconds, when I recognize the perfection, often while reading or writing, or during sexual intercourse, or painting and listening to music, maybe sharing a beer. So, not too long ago.
When you think of the word ‘beautiful,’ what’s the first thing to come to mind?
What is your favorite thing to do to keep warm on a cold day?
I love taking showers. It’s like my favorite thing. I’d shower, and probably wouldn’t even bother with soaping myself.
What do you think would be the sound of you making magic?
A flapping cape? Or the sound of peeling off wet tree bark maybe.
What inspires you?
Oh man. That’s hard to pinpoint. There’s not much that doesn’t. Malls don’t. I know that. Malls suck.
What is your favourite smell?
I kind of like the smell of feet. Or maybe, more generally, I could say I love the smell of bodies. Bodies.
Can you define the word “remarkable”?
Yeah, pretty easily.

read a quote from the man suit.

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