birds, bees.
breathe deep. the year is coming to an end & just think: your heart is one year stronger, your bones are one year tougher. we survived & we’re alive. it’s beautiful. the year may have been ups & downs, broken hearts, broken homes, broken bones but it will soon be behind us. take everything that has happened in & let it feed your soul to make it strong. learn from the past. we’re constantly learning. constantly developing. don’t let your heart grow heavy with things that have happened. your heart is already doing so much, let’s not burden it with negativity. feed it strong, encouraging words. make it a beacon of light. let us glow from the inside out with experience & beauty. let us glow.

3 thoughts on “light.

  1. Your blog had gotten me through some difficult things this year and this post has just made me so happy and so full of courage, thank you. xxx

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