happy holidays

wrap yourself up in your loved ones and keep each other warm with your beating hearts. take joy in the smiles on other people’s faces and smile big, knowing that someone else will be doing exactly the same. fill up with good thoughts and good feelings. fall asleep in a big pile of good people. exhaust yourselves with love and cheer, expend more energy than you thought you had in you on your smile alone and wear yourself out with it.
it’s the holiday season and some people have very little. remember the things you do have and please please remember that you are so so blessed. maybe you didn’t get that unicorn/x-box/whatever that you wanted… but look around you, you’re surrounded by people who really do love you… even though sometimes they have a funny way of showing it. we’re all doing the best we can. remember that, always.
gift the gift of love, and let it shine through your face for everyone to see. light up the room with it, and pass it on to everyone you see. that smile is contagious, so spread the cheer, spread the cheer.

happy holidays babies. keep your loved ones near and let them know how truly dear to you they are. no matter what faith you are, or what your holiday celebrations consist of, that’s the very best present of all.

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