flawed and perfect

you’re alive. your breath is warm, and there is blood pumping through your veins. you’re human. and you know what that means? you’re inherently flawed… and you know what? that’s fine. in fact, it’s more than fine. you know what it really means? you’re perfect. for all of your “flaws” that are all part of what makes you YOU, you are absolutely, undeniably perfect.

thank you for being you. just the way you are. you are a beautiful, beautiful bird. the most beautiful. and I will always be here to tell you so when you need to hear it most.

4 thoughts on “flawed and perfect

  1. I agree with Miss Positively Present. Realizing and allowing yourself to be flawed AND perfect at the same time is what it is all about. There’s so much stress and tension that is released once you step into that space.

  2. Thanks for making my day. Less is more. Nothing is wrong when I am reading this post..

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