you, yes you, come here. come look closely at the ground & how the grass is planted, solidly into the ground. look at the sky & how the clouds are constantly changing shape & blowing every which way. look at the trees & how their leaves are falling to the ground or blossoming into beautiful flowers. sit, watch how everything is happening. quiet now. it’s all really happening. now, look closely at your hands. picture the blood rushing through your veins. the energy pulsating through you. you are a complex creature. you’re composed of so many things. you, just like the earth, are solidly grounded your roots to the soil feeding on the energy flowing out of the earth. like the clouds you are constantly moving & constantly changing, reshaping yourself & your future. like the trees you blossom & you shed your skin when the seasons (the reasons) change. unlike the trees, the clouds, the grass we cycle through these things multiple times a day & oh does it get hard to keep those roots planted! we’re constantly trying not to get blown away when the winds change & the weather is a little less than lovely. we curl our toes & harness the wind in our lungs. we plant ourselves firmly & think ‘i will not be swayed by you, oh, strong wind! i will stand my ground!’ day after day we plant our seed in everything we do. everything we love. we make sure that day after day (year after year) there will be a little part of us & everything to stand strong & live life & make something beautiful.

5 thoughts on “human/being.

  1. This was absolutely lovely!! I really enjoyed reading it! I think it is important to think about all the little things that occur in nature and in our own lives that makes it possible for life to happen. Thanks for a wonderful post!!

  2. YOU are remarkable. What you wrote was beautiful. Thank you for making my day much, much better than it initially was.

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