we as people crave community. so why is it that when we’re feeling absolutely lost we regress & separate ourselves from everyone & everything. little ghost that doesn’t work. find your tribe. it may be tough. you may go from person to person to person looking for someone to click with. don’t give up. it will happen & it will feel amazing when you find that person. when you  find those two or three people who you can truly count on. call them when you’re feeling low, they will always listen. call them when you have great news, they’ll smile with you. we need to be together, we need to be here for each other. no matter what. rain or shine. we’ll never let you go.

if you’re searching for your tribe we’d be more than happy to join & help. we’ll listen to your highs your lows & we’ll hold you tight.

if you’re searching for a few good people in a city you think is lost, or a state you think are full of people you’d never want to get to know maybe we can help.

where are you from?
we’d love to get to know you all.
we’d love for you to know each other.
if you wish, leave your contact info here & maybe you can all, we can all, start connecting.

27 thoughts on “tribe.

  1. Is anyone out there from around Nashville? My roomie and I are the hunt for a new tribe. I’ve lived in Mt. Juliet for 3 weeks, and she’s been here since January. We are on the lookout for awesome, ridiculously fun people. If you fit the bill and want to have a dance party, let us know!

  2. I’m in Orlando, Florida.
    I’m a teacher and soon-to-be grad student. I could use a new tribe refreshing positive tribe!

  3. I would LOVE to meet up with anyone in the north of England. I’ve just moved here and I’m a little lonely.

  4. A month ago I moved to Oakland, CA. If there’s anyone near, I’d love to get in touch. We can talk about how this blog seems to know exactly how I feel in every post.

  5. Is anyone out there in the San Francisco North Bay? I would love to meet some positive, uplifting friends to share this magical, amazing journey with.

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