the leaves are changing & so can you. NEW SCHOOL. NEW JOB. NEW LOVE. NEW LIFE. autumn calls for reinvention, a change of scenery. don’t hold back. cut your hair, tell her you love her, tell him you’re leaving, start a band, leave your job, switch your major, do what makes you feel good. the choices you make now will pave the way for the rest of your life. does that always have to be a negative thing? no no no no no no!!! don’t be frightened, things will work out. throw your heart into it & hold your chin up high. we’re going to make a beautiful future. this is the start of something remarkable.


11 thoughts on “future.

  1. i started graduate school this past tuesday, and it has been so much change that i’ve been a little overwhelmed. i really needed this post, thank you for reminding me to look at change positively.

  2. I’m in the process of doing 6 of these aforementioned things.

    Clearly you geniuses who run youareremarkable… clearly YOU are remarkable


  3. This is exactly what I need right now. Moving away to university at the end of the week, and I hope it is the start of something new! Love you guys ❤

  4. I agree with all of the above 🙂

    I really needed someone to tell me to throw myself into it, without being afraid. I might get hurt, but it will be best in the long run. I realise that now.

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