body catch a body.

the most important thing you can do is to love your body. every body must love their body. every body is exquisite.

here is one way to grasp how extraordinary your body is: think of your body as a beautiful fruit tree. your finger tips are the beautiful blossoms which produce the fruit which is the love of everyone you touch. your legs, your arms, are the strong strong limbs that outstretch keeping you close to everything. your torso is the trunk, which keeps your body sturdy & gives your body the nutrients.

your tree houses many beautiful creatures: a brain which is where your creativity is (a momma bird & her little babies.) you must build your nest with books & stories & experiences. weave them all together nice & tight & your creativity will be reborn & reborn. then their is your heart which is where your love pump pump pumps out of every second (this heart doesn’t need to be represented as any creature because every tree has a heart! a center.) your tree also houses, most importantly, your soul. (your soul are the ants which live in the tree. they work, invisible to the eye, constantly carrying the weight of things much bigger than themselves.)

your body is beautiful! it has to be. your body is beautiful regardless of what someone might say, or if your reflection does not look like that on a tv screen/magazine. your body is beautiful regardless of what a scale might show or if it is a different shape from those you know. your body is beautiful & strong. your body is yours. own your body, love your body.


10 thoughts on “body catch a body.

  1. I realized that I needed to start loving my body right now. I wrote about on Today I lived. It’s difficult, but necessary. Thank you for this!

  2. I thought this was funny:

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    But, thanks.

  3. Sometimes you just need to read something, be it a quick something, to actually “get” it & today I “got” it with this post. Thanks!!

  4. R E F R E S H I N G ~ a post that actually makes me want to care for my body rather than the negative feelings I get after reading articles like, “how to achieve a body like this… or 5 ways to lose 5 Kg in 5 weeks etc”.

    I love your blog, I will say it again, refreshing.

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