postal revolution!

we need addresses!!!!


41 thoughts on “postal revolution!

  1. Hello! I would love to take part in the postal revolution, I would like to both give you addresses and also send some letters. How can I do that? I guess I shouldn’t post them here…
    Would you be so kind to contact me via e-mail?
    Love, Kate

  2. I would love to participate too! I have some addresses and would love to send some letters (or postcards from my cross country drive).

  3. I want to participate. Can you contact me by email for addresses??

    Thank you, you are remarkable!!

  4. 1104 W. Frances Dr.
    Mahomet, IL 61853

    or after two weeks
    2002 12th Street
    Charleston, IL 61920

    also, i’d like to send some cards.
    may i?:)

  5. Hello from across the globe. Would someone be interested in sending one to Egypt?

    If so, here is the address:

    Villa 5, Block 13, Palm Hills,
    6th of October, Giza

  6. I would love to send post cards.

    I recommend:
    Edwina Hand
    2101 E. Omaha St
    apt 1413
    Broken Arrow, OK 74012

  7. I’ll just throw it out there 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing surprises in the mailbox!

    4021 Cole Ave
    Jamestown, NC

  8. My sweet darling sunshines!

    My name is Renai and i am head over heels madly inlove WITH A PRETTY GIRL, named Huka. Both of Huka’s parents died. When she was 15 her mom died suddenly from a heart disease they never knew she had (and she was a doctor) and two months later her dad died from a broken heart. He got cancer and told him he had a year to live but died a week later. BUMMER. Huka is going to school to be an Enveriomental Scientist. She is also an artist. She does tattoos, paints wall murals around our town, paints shoes, does it all! Huka raised her little sister who has now opened up her own charity to help orphans get the things they need for school. Her sister is 19 and huka is only 21. They are the most amazing people i know. My biggest cause for celebration is watching people turn their dreams into reality! Just go for it!

    As for me, i am a legless soul always trying to run! I don’t waste time complaining and dwelling it negativity because it’s crucial for me to surround myself with positive, intelligent people that i can learn from, so i don’t sink in. i live my life believing wholeheartedly that dreams are attainable no matter how old i may get or how much i procrastinate. i offer clever remarks from time to time, and big hugs, always! i’m such a mess…but i got character, so take…that! generally speaking, i’m a pretty darn happy person, but like anyone, have my bad days. i laugh easily and smile often and enjoy being around others who do the same. Unfortunately, those others does not include my family because they don’t support same sex partners.

    Weird… i got crappy parents and my girlfriend and her sister had the greatest partents to ever live and they died! Life is crazy.

    We’re pretty positive people but some days we’re down in the dumps about this stuff! Maybe you can send a little love our way!

    Renai And Huka
    2777 West 12th place
    Yuma, AZ 85364


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