hello friends, we have some things to tell you & we think they are quite exciting.
please use your eyes & your imaginations & be part of everything.

we are making a book! finally! the book will feature new written words of inspiration as well as photographs. it will also (hopefully!) feature some interviews. the book will most likely be about one hundred pages, black & white, paper back, professionally made. the price set will depend on how many orders we receive but will probably be less than $12. more concrete information about the book will be available in july & it will probably be pressed & ready in august. if you love youareremarkable, we can assure you it will be something you’ll want to get your hands on!

the one year anniversary of youareremarkable is quickly approaching! the official first entry was written july 11, 2008. where has all the time gone?! in honor of the success of youareremarkable, JULY 8TH 2009 is going to be the official YOUAREREMARKABLE day of celebration!!! how does one celebrate such a thing? well, we are going to celebrate in our lovely guerrilla lovefare way. we will spend all of our time between now & then crafting signs & cards & everything wonderful for youareremarkable: big sheets painted with positive phrases (signed youareremarkable), glass messages in bottles, flyers, cardboard signs, etc. then, in the wee hours of the morning of 7/8/09, we will sneak out into the world & hang the banners in places everyone will see (from tree to tree in parks, highway overpasses, where ever you wish!) when the world rises that wednesday morning, give them something positive to see. something beautiful to start their day! please join in! get your friends to help celebrate YOUAREREMARKABLE day in your town!!! you may celebrate in any way you wish! you can do a project like the one mentioned above or maybe you’d rather sit on the street & hand cupcakes out. who knows! we’d love to know your plan if you do wish to join! let’s make it beautiful. we made a facebook event for this because we’re silly. invite everyone you know!

everyone, thank you so much for your interest in joining the cause! if you have been waiting patiently for a list of addresses we will ask you to sit tight a little longer!!! so many people are interested in sharing the love but unfortunately we are not receiving enough addresses to send out! please send us the addresses of anyone you believe needs some love. from now on, we will send out a batch email once a month to all the people who have requested addresses. 🙂



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