love & beauty with dallas clayton!

what makes you feel wonderful?

My son , My friends , meeting new people , having new experiences

if you are having a sub-par day, what do you do &/or say to make yourself feel good again?
It doesn’t take much, maybe just look up at the sky or out at the city and realize how little control we have, and how much more there is to do.

where do you think love hides?
In plain sight

when do you feel most loved?
When I wake up

what inspires most of your writing?
My desire to make people happy

what is your favourite rainy day activity?
It doesn’t rain in Los Angeles. That’s why I live here.

what do you think is the most beautiful thing about people?
The ability to try, fail, then try again

when you hear the word “beautiful” what image immediately pops up in your mind?
My son.

when you hear the word “love” what sound resonates in your ears?
Children’s laughter.

what is your favourite thing about being a dad?
The hugs.

what is your favourite thing about being an artist?
No alarm clock.

why did you write AN AWESOME BOOK & did you expect it to be such a smash hit?
I wrote it because it seemed like it would be really fun and I wanted something to read to my son. Something I hadn’t seen anywhere else. I didn’t think it would be such a smash hit, but I’m glad it is. Very happy indeed.

anything else you’d like to share?
I’m setting up a foundation which will allow me to visit schools, children’s hospitals, shelters, and camps all over the world give away books to children, read to them and talk to them about their hopes and dreams. The foundation will be called Awesome World. I should have everything finalized in the coming month. I’m very excited!

buy AN AWESOME BOOK right now.

2 thoughts on “love & beauty with dallas clayton!

  1. This guy is amazingly awesome! I love his idea for setting up a foundation to read books to children. I would really really enjoy to do the same 🙂

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