love & beauty with the ABC ADVENTURERS

how often do you sit at home racking your brain for something exciting to do? how often do you get together with a friend & debate back & fourth over who will decide a fun activity? the wonderful people at ABC ADVENTURES now have a cure! visit their blog & see all the wonderful beautiful things you can do with your free time (from A-Z!)

what makes you feel wonderful?
Liz Adventure: The small things that we all get to see and be a part of every day. Things like getting mail, or changing the station and finding Queen or David Bowie on the radio and getting to belt your heart out, freeway romances, 40’s and 50’s fashion (particularly the dresses) and white blouses… I really love white blouses.
Brian Adventure: Creating things! If I don’t practice an instrument or write a piece or make something every single day, I don’t feel right. ABC Adventures in general has been a great source of feeling wonderful too. Not only do I get to go out and do fun, strange things with my friends, but we get to share it to a world that has open ears! Knowing that someone else might even get a few minutes of fun out of our blog feels incredible.

what makes you feel beautiful?
Liz Adventure: My confidence, my brain, my sense of humor, my friends, and my family. I think the combination of these things working together are the foundation for how I see myself.
Brian Adventure: Smiling and waving to complete strangers. There’s that moment where they just look kinda cockeyed and smile/wave back and wonder, “Do I know him?” It’s an easy way to make someone smile, and you might just meet a new friend too.

if you are having a sub-par day, what do you do or say to make yourself feel good again again?

Liz Adventure: It varies from occasion to occasion, and similarly, it varies from the silly to serious. Sometimes the fix is to don a false moustache, but sometimes a nap will help, or merely talking myself out my sub-par mood because there is too damn much in this world that is good to dwell on the things that would make you think otherwise.
Brian Adventure: Lately, I listen to Johnny Cash. His music feels incredibly sincere and I feel like there’s a song for every situation you could possibly be in. After an hour of his music I almost always feel 10x better.

where does love hide?
Liz Adventure: Love hides in the loveliest places, of course! Love hides just around door frames, and in the bottoms of seemingly empty bottles, in flower patches, down long, twisting roads, and most importantly, in every single one of us.
Brian Adventure: Everywhere you aren’t looking! And by the time you’ve thought of looking there, it has moved on to somewhere new. I firmly believe that you can’t look for it, that it just drops in your lap one day and looks up at you with a smile on its face and says “TA-DA!”

when do you feel most loved?

Liz Adventure: When I am pursuing my goals and dreams. I feel love from the universe and it flows through me in the form of a huge smile, twinkles in my eyes, and mischief abounding.
Brian Adventure: When I’m around my good friends, or when I hear from old friends who I thought had forgotten about me.

what is your favourite part about being in TEAM ADVENTURE?

Liz Adventure: My favorite part about being an Adventure is the diversity of activities that this project has brought my way. I feel that far too often, we (everyone) will make plans to hang out with a friend. So you meet up and then one of you says: “So, what do you wanna do?”
And the other says “Mmm, I dunno… do you maybe wanna go get food or something?”
“Yeah, OK.”
And so it goes. Now when we (Team Adventure) hang out, we instantly pull out the list and say, “What can we do today?” This project has become self-prophesizing, because it’s never the same old thing when we hang out… it’s always something new
Brian Adventure: I sorta mentioned this up there already, but it’s definitely the combination of always having something awesome/fun to do with my friends and the fact that we can share that fun with other people in all parts of the world.

what was your favourite ABC adventure?
Liz Adventure: While we post every three days, we often knock out multiple adventures in one day. If we didn’t do it this way, we would never be able to update as often as we do. At the beginning of our magical journey of adventures, we spent one beautiful day taking care of a bunch. We played on swings, had a picnic, blew bubbles with little kids, pretended we were ninjas, donned moustaches, climbed trees, let go of hopes and dreams and secrets on balloons, and left the YOU ARE AMAZING note over the freeway overpass. That was such a spectacular day, so all of those adventures are very dear to me. Also, as I remember, this was the first day on which our idea had become a reality and we were giddy with happiness by the end of it.  The squirt gun duel was a lot of fun as well, actually. It was another adventure that made us feel giddy. The kind of giddy that wears you out and makes you want to fall asleep in a pile of friends — just like puppies do!
Brian Adventure: Either playing in a fountain or squirt gun duel. They were both just so ridiculous and wet, and neither of us expected to have the immense amount of fun that we did on each of them.

what are the future plans for team adventure?
Liz Adventure: Well, at the moment the plan is just to keep adventuring. I am going off to Europe for a year soon, so we’re trying to get lots done before my departure. However, this is by no means the end of things. I would love to meet up with fans in Europe and have adventures/make new friends over there. Brian will of course continue to update from Arizona, I will update when I can, and once reunited we will continue to adventure together. Some people have said that we should make a book, which I would love to do, especially seeing as ABC Adventures began as an idea to have a sort of adventure scrapbook. I think the blog needs to gain some more loyal readers before this would be reasonable, but given time, who knows!! If we were able to publish a book, it’d be an absolute dream come true.
Brian Adventure: Now that summer has arrived, Liz and I are going to be out adventuring as much as possible in the next month. She is (very very sadly) leaving to Europe for a year in June. At this point, we’re not positive how the blog will work out given the amount of distance between us, but we’re going to try as hard as we can to keep it going.



5 thoughts on “love & beauty with the ABC ADVENTURERS

  1. Did you know that Liz and Brian are the most wonderful people on earth? It’s true! I’ve tried to marry both of them, in hopes that some of their wonderful might rub off on me.

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