we might as well love ourselves.

i love you & your faults included. you must learn to embrace your awkward legs, chubby thighs, every limb. yes you may hate them & may think they are ugly & messy but they’re YOURS, & they will be YOURS for the rest of your life. why spend your time hating them? perfectly beautiful things are ugly, because nothing in nature is perfect. even the most beautiful flower must have creases, a random splash of colour, or a broken petal. trees are very awkward if you look at them closely. all those bulky roots coming out of the ground, i bet that if they were people they’d invent something that would help them HIDE THOSE UGLY ROOTS. what is ugly to you might be gorgeous to someone else. not every girl has to be tall, slim, big boobs, big ass, small hips, pouty lips & shiny hair kind of barbie. those are a lot of features to maintain & you know what, beauty is so ephemeral. even real life barbies will start sagging, wrinkling, having cellulite & stretch marks & gray frizzy hair, losing their teeth.

in the end, we’ll all be either dust or eaten up by WORMS, there is really no escape, so honestly, we might as well love ourselves while we’re alive.


11 thoughts on “we might as well love ourselves.

  1. I absolutely love this. I want to stick it up everywhere, so as many people as possible see it ❤

  2. beautiful words, truly.
    but beauty is so hard to find, and believe in when the parts of my body that I hate cause me physical pain because of how they are curved, bent, shaped…

    hating a part of your body just because it doesn’t look right or beautiful (to yourself) seems so very silly when compared to hating your body because of the physical pain.

    *no matter what your body looks like, appreciate every part of it, and be thankful that it doesn’t REALLY hurt you*

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