dear you, keep in touch.

what do you do if your best friend moves to a new town, state country? what do you do if the person who makes your soul glow is miles & miles & miles away (oh & even if they’re not!)
1. letters upon letters upon letters. nothing is better (as we at yar certainly believe) than receiving mail. send the one you miss letters. include pictures, poems, trinkets they would like, or even just a simple word. it’s a surprise way to let them know you’ve got them in your heart.
2. make good use of a webcamera. you can chat for free on a variety of things including gtalk, skype, aim, etc. it’s silly & perfect & you’ll feel like they never left.
3. write a journal for them. write an entry each time you think about them or see something you know they like. include photos, fortunes, quotes, anything. once it is filled up, send it their way.
4. plane tickets, plane tickets. flying is expensive but if you search there are good deals to be found & nothing is better than seeing the look on that person’s face when you step out of the plane. nothing.


4 thoughts on “dear you, keep in touch.

  1. this is just what i needed at this moment. i’m going to hawaii and won’t see my love for 4 months and then another 5 months. a journal is a fabulous idea.

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