love is rebellion.

Sometimes you look outside and all you see is grey, sometimes you wonder if you’re sick inside, if all that trash on the side of the road is seeping into you and making your head hurt. Migraines are just a symptom, just veins constricting and making the edges of your vision blur. Taking pills doesn’t help. Sometimes it helps just to stare into the sun for a while, maybe it hurts but its a different sort of pain, your corneas can take it.

Blow warm air into your cold red fingers, knowing this is the same air that’s been breathed for thousands of years, only it keeps getting dirtier. We’ve all got roots somewhere though and as long as you keep them wet they’ll keep growing, reaching down into the earth past all the lead and hydrocarbons and finding some sustenance down there somewhere.

Even when it seems like we keep making the earth smaller with all our advances, with all our technology that just gives people an excuse to stay further and further away. They’ll keep laying down that pavement but it’s more corruptible than our hearts, if you keep pushing it’ll give way. Sometimes pushing makes your head hurt too, but don’t ever stop. Keep reaching for the sunlight and counting the stars you can still see.

Maybe if you scream loud enough someone somewhere will hear you, and join in. All the tunnels under the earth will ring with it and we’ll wake up the worms, and they’ll scream too.

If you sit in the woods at night you can hear the trees groaning. Press your lips to the bark and say “I’m sorry, tree, everything is going to be ok”, even if everything’s not, and just let your forehead rest there for a while. Try counting the stars again “one, two, three, four… five? six?”, just don’t give up.

Falling in love is rebellion so you should just love everything as hard as you can.
-written by flo isoceles.

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