april showers.

spring has sprung. the lion has lost to the lamb. the days are getting longer. the earth is turning green. it’s time to lay on your back & make shapes out of the bright white clouds. it’s time to grab your instruments & make silly music on the sidewalk. it’s time to call your friends & invite them on late night drives. touch the earth. breathe the air in & let it fill your lungs. you are alive & the season’s have changed. you’ve made it through another month. another day. you’ll make it through many more. wake up early & watch the sunrise. let yourself FEEL how beautiful it is to be alive.


10 thoughts on “april showers.

  1. today was so incredibly beautiful. the sun was shining down, soaking in to my skin as i layed on a grass hill overlooking a river. its almost like summer.

  2. The lion never loses to the lamb. The strong always dominate the weak. It is written into the inescapable fabric of the Universe. A law which can be ignored, to placate your fears. But if you do, it will come back to bite you. You will be sorry. All ends in death. Wrinkles. Darkness. Decay. Depression. Loneliness. Hope is the mother of fools. Sex is bankrupt if the aim is union. Union is spiritually and physically impossible. Undesirable, for it is codependency. A loss of freedom. A mode of insanity, short-lived. Friction of bodies is friction of dead matter. You were stillborn, offspring of animated corpses. Yet you believe you live.

  3. Stench and repulsion, of yourself and of your partner. Selfish depravity. Inescapable. Intrinsic. Death.

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