spring is coming soon.

please: i know these winter days go on and on and on but know, spring is coming soon. spring is tempting us, sometimes, with spots of heat to warm our cold limbs, melts the snow away until night falls and the snow storms blow through, but never fear. no, wake up and breathe the fearless changing air. and please: believe in beautiful things. believe in the sun coming up, believe in a warm hand, believe in the future and believe in this very second. things are horrible, things are cold, but you are alive and living and breathing and constantly changing. and everytime the air feels stale, please, remember to breathe: continue the cycle of feeding the trees and keeping your heart going. because what else is there to do but continue? please. believe in good hearts. believe in your own good heart, strong and beating, restless and sound; believe in the rest of humanity, thousands and thousands and thousands of tiny heartbeats and sets of lungs slowly rising and falling. this life, it hurts sometimes, and you cry to sleep and you wake up heavy-hearted but remember: the earth does not stop. your heart keeps going and your limbs keep moving and you sleep it off, you wake up new, and you face the day with eager, shining eyes, and you love with a full, full heart.

8 thoughts on “spring is coming soon.

  1. i was very tried & close to tears so i realised i must come to this site to make me feel a bit better. it worked. I’m still tired and teary but I’m warm and I’m breathing.

    thank you.

  2. I was feeling really beat up this morning and nearly broke down. When I read this, I know that it’s true, but everything that makes me feel beat up makes it hard for me to believe it. I’m just glad that someone else that has said this.

  3. Beautiful.
    It’s just what I needed to hear.
    I like the part where you said ,”continue the cycle of feeding the trees”.

    Never thought of it that way before.

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