the postal revolution has certainly caught on!!! let’s never stop!!! we will be forever accepting addresses & sending them out so don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop!!!!

questions that have come up
return address: or your own or both!!! or blank if you prefer.
can you just send me people in ____? if you make a special request  to receive addresses only in your country we will try to comply although it may take a bit longer to assign someone to you!
can i nominate myself? OF COURSE!!!!
do you still need people to send letters? always!!!
IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A LETTER OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO DID, encourage them to take a picture with the letter &/or write about how they felt when they received their little gift of love. have them email their story to

6 thoughts on “revolution!!!

  1. Just out of curiosity:
    Do you receive more e-mails from people asking to send something, or asking to be sent something?

  2. i think a way to continue this would be that once someone receives a letter, they should send one out, or even re-mail the one they received to spread the love even more. Anyone agree?

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