postal revolution.

you are remarkable started out as secret notes left for strangers telling them everything would be okay, secret notes left for lovers telling them they had your heart. let’s bring it back to being a tangible thing. let’s create miniature pieces of art & love & wisdom & send them to strangers from all over. sometimes someone needs to hear from a complete stranger miles & miles away that they are special, or loved, or appreciated.  if you know someone who you feel needs a note, please send a short email to including:
*first name
*anything special you think they need to hear or a brief story of why you think they deserve a message.

if you have some spare time & would like to be the person to craft such a letter, postcard, note, etc please email youareremarkable & say that you would love to send some love. youareremarkable will in return send you one, two, five, twenty (however many you would like) addresses & information so that you can brighten up a heart miles & miles away. sometimes, all you need to know is that someone somewhere knows you exist & is glad that you exist.


10 thoughts on “postal revolution.

  1. What a brillant idea and you had just make my day !!! 🙂 This is what we truly need in this world – Random Act of Kindness which never ask for anything in return ….. bravo….Will send my email in a short while

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