valentine’s day can be wonderful, sorrowful, or just another day. the choice is really in your hands. some of us get all dressed up & spend the day with our mate & some of us spend the night alone thinking of all those past romances, broken hearts, & being too sad. if you choose to spend the day with your mate, make sure you show them, tell them, shower them with your love. if you choose to spend it alone being all too sad, please don’t. here is a little idea on how to make lemons into lemonade.

a.) think of all the boys &/or girls who have broken your heart.
b.) write a list.
c.) everyone enters your life for a reason. think of one positive thing you learned from dating that person.

L- showed me that it was possible for a boy to truly care for me.
K- helped me realize how terribly strong i really am.
M- helped me learn to laugh again.

don’t dwell on the negatives. they’ll slowly eat you away. & we, we are far too strong for that. maybe it’s the broken hearts that have made us strong but you must realize: through our ups & downs we grow so so strong & it will all be worth it when the pieces fall into place.

so smile, & treat yourself right today. be your OWN valentine & shower yourself with the love you so deserve.


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