don’t be sad little heart.

-go onto youtube & watch all the andrew wk videos you can find.
-download I GET WET by andrew wk & listen to it with the volume all the way up in your automobile.
-dance a little bit.
-write a letter to yourself explaining the reasons to not be sad.
-read youareremarkable.
-read your favourite children’s book.
-go on a walk no matter the weather.
-remember it will get better.
-make a sandwich.
– make yourself a headdress so you can be a warrior & fight.
– climb a tree.
– make a fort inside or  out.
– sing out LOUD.
– take a shower.
– glitter & feathers.
– days are getting ostensibly longer!
– it will get better!!!!

4 thoughts on “don’t be sad little heart.

  1. Your site is WOW WOW WOW amazing. It lifts my heart way up in the fluffy clouds to read the things you write and know there are people out there like you. Your posts never fail to put a huge smile on my face, and better yet, make me think positively. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY from a happier person thanks to a remarkable blog xoxo

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