connect the dots.

1.what are you feeling right now?
2.what do you wish right now? can you use this feeling to obtain your wish?

everything is connected.
circles & circles.


5 thoughts on “connect the dots.

  1. I am feeling content and pleasant.

    I wish to take control of the reins of my small business, and go full-forced.

    I am calm and happy and this gives me the mental tools needed in order to undergo such a transformation.

  2. I feel a sadness born from nostalgia and loss
    I wish I could go back while moving forward
    This feeling is intangible, I have no clear path of realisation

  3. 1 tired, sick, but happy
    2 for my writing dreams to come true
    3 by remaining positive despite by sickly state, and work towards my goal

  4. 1. not in love and in love at the same time
    2. to be with him
    3. biting the bullet. I know what I have to do, now I just have to do it.

  5. lonely
    to feel good about the person i am. not change just get over it, move on and accept.
    i don’t want to be a lonely person. i’m calling up my friend regardless of whether i want to or not

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