MOST POPULAR POSTS: beautiful strong words.

here are 10 of the most beautiful words in the human language. try sprinkling them throughout your next conversation & admire the way they feel rolling off your lips. watch how the listener’s eyes light up.

1. adroit: dexterous, agile
2. adumbrate: to very gently suggest
3. aestivate: to summer, to spend the summer
4. ailurophile: a cat-lover
5. beatific: befitting an angel or saint
6. beleaguer: to exhaust with attacks
7. blandiloquent: beautiful & flattering
8. caliginous: dark & misty
9. champagne: an effervescent wine
10. chatoyant: like a cat’s eye


55 thoughts on “MOST POPULAR POSTS: beautiful strong words.

  1. I take issue with the top word on your list. Adroit comes from the French word for “right”, as in “right handed”. It is the direct antonym of gauche, both in English and in its native French where it means “left”, as in “left handed”. As a non-right-hander I find both of these words to be handist and offensive.

  2. Great list.

    I am reminded of when I was out to dinner with my spouse and another couple, and the other guy dropped his fork on the floor. As he leant down to pick it up he apologized, saying “Sorry, how gauche of me.” Quick as a flash, my hubby replied, “But how adroit you were picking it up.” That tickled my funny bone with the play on words (ref Jim above).

  3. “adumbrate: to very gently suggest” – my dictionary says 1. to produce a faint image or resemblance of; to outline or sketch.
    2. to foreshadow; prefigure.
    3. to darken or conceal partially; overshadow.

  4. Personally, I’ve always found “vehemently” to sound rather lovely. But nice post! 😀

      • Eek! Took me long enough to reply…just got back on WordPress after a ridiculous hiatus.

        vehement: Characterized by forcefulness of expression or intensity of emotion.

  5. thank you for this list.
    the words make my heart tremble & leap & thrill.
    this place is healing for the soul.

  6. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  7. Wow!!! omg! Those words made me feel like I never went to school! They were great though. I was actually looking around for baby names with really beautiful meanings (just happened across this list). If any of you have names to suggest, omg, do feel ogliged! 🙂

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  9. These words are great! Some of them helped me, but I made a band called, “Your Remarkable Words” But, thanks!!

  10. to each our own…..
    this world is beautifu…..
    we all have special words we find meaning in…..
    words that make our hearts bleed….
    astounding, individuality, melodic, unique, grateful, unusual, touch, hug, love, friendship, family, radiant, patience, delicate. caress, creative, thoughtful, memories,reminising, friendly, smile,
    But depending on your intonation even words defined in a derogatory sense can be concidered beautiful…….

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