a) go on a trip.
b) talk to strangers.
c) leave your job.
d) confess your love.
e) find a hobby.
f) make music.
g) make art.
h) make friends.
i) try harder.
j) burn the bridges that need to be burnt.
k) explore everything.
l) own your life.
m) make a tangible You Are Remarkable (book, ‘zine’, collection of sorts).
n) never feel guilty.
o) travel everywhere.
p) never be frightened.
q) make You Are Remarkable even better.
r) give em hell.
s) send anonymous mail.
t) become a collector of something peculiar.
u) stop caring so much.
v) become a better cook.
w) take action.
x) make lists.
y) grow your hair long.
z) & most important: be happy.

6 thoughts on “RESOLUTE!!!!

  1. thank you
    here’s to a year of more risks & of doing what makes you feel alive. of random acts of kindness. of love is the moment being lived.

  2. I have a bridge or two in need of burning.

    I must say however, that you don’t need to stop being frightened, everyone is frightened, I am always frightened, but I have realised that it is not allowing it to rule you that is the making of courage. You will probably never feel courageous, but you will feel that you’ve been brave and feel proud of yourself, and others will call it courage. Also there is not always something wrong with caring a great deal, it really depends upon the context – some people don’t care enough!

    Happy New Year x

  3. I love this list of marvellous things, however I wouldn’t say I would go along with:

    r) give em hell

    I totally agree with making lists. I’m so into list-making. It’s a full blown addiction!

    Have a rad weekend all!

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