i am wonderful.

think of 10 things you’re really good at.
or even that you’re really okay at.
“I AM GREAT AT ____________!”
make a list!
use a thesaurus & replace the word “great” with a synonym.
discover you’re extraordinary.

ex: i am mind-boggling at loving you.

2 thoughts on “i am wonderful.

  1. I’m really outstanding at teaching my students to believe in themselves and do their work.

    I am awesome at believing in myself.

    I am exceptional at finding the strength to be who I am.

    I am fantastic at taking care of myself , even if that means eating all my vegetables.

    I am mind boggling at always finding a way.

    I am terrific about paying for my life (ex: car, rent, insurance, ect) by myself.

    I am kick-ass at trying new recipes.

    I am perfect at loving my friends.

    I am wonderous at enjoying sunsets.

    I am remarkable for loving myself more, while waiting for love.

  2. …fabulous at making a good mojito.
    …fantastic at listening to people when they need someone to talk to.
    …superb at seeing things outside the box.
    …dynamite at finding _______ using Google.
    …terrific at cheering someone up.
    …super friend to those who want me in their circle of friends.
    …wonderful at remembering people’s birthdays and making them feel special.
    …awesome at enjoying the moment.
    …kick ass at making decisions when I know what I want.
    …divine at enjoying time with my family

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