i love you bones & all.

look at your body. right now. piece by piece. deconstruct it in your mind. with each part, think of one thing you love about it.

  • “i love my knee cap because of the scar i got playing in the school yard when i was nine.”
  • “i love my elbow because i used to think the rough skin meant i was turning into an elephant.”
  • “i love this tooth. i chipped in in the bathtub when i was oh so little.”
  • i love my ring finger. the way it bends ever so slightly.”

think of something unique for each part. (there is something unique for each & every part of you.) think of something for every finger, toe, blister, bone. make a list of five of them. the five areas you usually think poorly of. keep that list taped to your mirror, inside your wallet, anywhere you need to see it. take it out whenever you’re feeling blue. love yourself. always.

4 thoughts on “i love you bones & all.

  1. Beautiful! I will do that; first thing is…I love my fingers making me able to write this right now. 🙂

    This is by the way a wonderful and welcoming place.
    Thank you for spreading love and joy.

    And on the note of love and joy, I just wrote a little something relating to that on the web magazine:


    It is after all almost Christmas and this time of year can be very stressful for many people, making us forget what’s important and that we all have a choice.

    Sincerely, Åsa.

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