this is what we’re made of.

you’ve found this site. stumbled upon it for one reason or another. hopefully you smiled, laughed, looked in the mirror & felt your heart jump. WELL NOW IT NEEDS YOU. it needs you to help carry out the mission. it needs you to help make YOU ARE REMARKABLE something that exists, something tangible! breathe life into this operation! take the wheel & steer your way into someones heart, mind, body, soul.

what you need to do:
write notes, make post cards, packages, anything & spread the love!!!! leave them where someone will find them. write the web address on the notes & have those strangers, friends, enemies, relatives find THEIR ways to this site & hopefully choose to drop their weapons & join the revolution. everyone has the capacity to do great, great things in their lives. believe it!

8 thoughts on “this is what we’re made of.

  1. This site makes me feel happy and makes me want to act silly and have fun and that, my friends(or people/person who are/is behind this blog) is the biggest compliment I can give you.

  2. Yes, and yes, and yes.

    Thank you, over and over, and again and again. The world is exploding with exuberance and love and it’s so wonderful to see those who have the courage to recognize this.

  3. Vive la revolution!

    You are remarkable for thinking up such a beautiful concept. This really touched at my heart! Thank you for shining a little sunshine onto me and the rest of the internets. We needed it!

  4. I will absolutely be doing this, I have a hankering to write love letters and leave them in library books when noones looking … x

  5. Wow, this is an amazing idea! I’m inspired everywhere I go! Keep making posts. ๐Ÿ™‚ They make me very happy.


  6. i do this with dollar bills, noone ignores money, thus they’re compelled to look at the message =]

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