this is for you.

it’s okay, it’s okay it’s okay. there is nothing to be nervous about, there is nothing to be afraid of. your heart may feel empty & you may feel like you’re drifting alone in the middle of a stormy sea but listen. please just listen. you are loved by so many people. i think that if you knew the actual number your heart might just explode!!! you are loved by so many people & some of them you’ve never officially met!! yes, you may have smiled at them or nodded your head but when you did you entered their heart in such a way that they won’t forget you for years & years!!! that person you waited in line next to yesterday, they loved you. that person you sat in traffic with yesterday, they loved you too. when you’re feeling lost, alone, anxious, scared remember that someone somewhere is feeling that way too. you’re not alone. you’re never ever alone. & you’re never ever without love. listen to me…

i love you
&  everything will be okay.

18 thoughts on “this is for you.

    • I’m reading, re-reading all the posts in your blog. Where do you draw such inspiration from? How can you put wisdom in sugary words and say it in a cool, nonchalant style? You’re just, just amazing! But please, do reveal your identity (how about an About Me page?)

  1. i wish brett could have read this. i wish i could have told him…i wish i could have had just a few moments on his last day…

  2. That’s so inspiring and placating. Your writing really helped me to forget all pains and it feels great when I try to realize to be loved by so many persons. Its a solace. Many thanks for the post

  3. just when I needed it most…. You write the words ….. I long to read. Thank you for your blog…in my darkest times …it brings me light.

  4. this made me shiver.
    this made tears well up in my eyes.
    this made me feel like…. i have unlimited possibilities in this world.

    thank you for helping me carry on ❤
    a thousand times thank you.

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