love & beauty with matt pond pa


Matt Pond PA

what makes you feel wonderful? Writing music makes me feel wonderful.

what makes you feel beautiful? I’m not certain I really know what it is to feel beautiful. Or maybe it’s impossible to recognize the feeling when it’s upon me. Maybe I feel beautiful when I sleep.
if you are having a sub-par day, what do you do or say to make yourself feel good again again? Sometimes, I harass myself into getting my shit together. Mumbling humbling swears under my breath like a ghostly gym teacher living in the back of my mind. Curling my way back to a positive position. Reading can help, too. Reading ‘Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut’ somehow knocks the brain back into whack.

where do you think love hides? That is the question. Because if we knew that — then we’d all be running off into the middle of the marsh, digging up the hidden love. The view of our horizon would eventually be overtaken. All those prospectors out for love. Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows where it is. And that’s what keeps us alive. Looking for love until the end…Which is hardly pessimistic. Because there are two sides to the game for a reason: hide AND seek.

when do you feel most loved? Pardon me, but I fear the absolute honestly of these questions. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked or expressed the answers to anyone. And you know… The triteness of the truth may be too much for some to bear. But. It’s about loving yourself. Or at least letting go of all the negative gnawing. And THAT’S when it happens. THAT’S when it hits.  There’s really no other way. Not for me. .


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