band aid.

1.) go to the craft store & let your mind run wild.
make something unique & excellent.

2.) look at yourself in the mirror, naked.
name 5 parts of your that are beautiful.
(ex: the freckle on your hip, the scar across your nose.)

3.) go for a walk outside with a few plastic bags.
collect things from your walk:found notes, interesting leaves, old bones, etc.
& make a field guide to your neighborhood.

4.) think about two people you think you feel you should apologize to.
write them a short letter apologizing.
you can give it to them or bury it in the ground.

5.) think about two people (or more) you feel you deserve apologizes from.
forgive them.

6.) look for a story in the newspaper that would usually make your heart sink.
re-write the story with an alternate ending that would make your heart swell.

7.) instead of thinking of how he/she broke your heart,
think about how they helped your heart grow.
your heart is a muscle & with each tear it becomes stronger.

8.) think & observe in 15 word sentences for a day.
write them down.

9.) compliment each person you speak to today.

10.) look in the mirror & smile.
show all your teeth.
smile because you are alive & because you can do anything.

9 thoughts on “band aid.

  1. You have the most amazing blog!

    Literally, when I read it, I get chills and tingles from the happiness!

    Also, I was inspired by your blog and several others to start my own, and was wondering if you had any tips to get more readers?

    Please feel free to e-mail me anytime at

    P.S. Keep it going, because revolutions never go backwards!

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