it is okay!!!

love yourself. love yourself because you are amazing– your tired eyes, your crooked teeth, the way you walk, the way you say funny things before you sleep. love your body because it is yours and because it is the only one you’ll get to live in. ready?

start with your eyes. look into them. stare until you can’t stop smiling because those eyes are yours and they’re staring back at you, filled to the brim with love. take note of your mouth, how your lips curve or don’t, how your teeth are straight or not, how your skin is smooth or red or worn. tell your wrinkles, your laughing lines, your acne scars that YOU LOVE THEM because they are yours. hold your hands as if you were holding a lovers’, or as if a small bird was making its nest in your palm. run your fingertips over your palm, over the other fingertips, over your face and neck and chest and feet. love your stomach and your hips, your ‘lackthereof’ or your ‘fartoomuch’, because they are YOURS and belong to no one else. love your too-long or not-enough legs, which are fine just the way they are. love your neck, your back, your spine. love your bones for making you sturdy and your heart for keeping you alive; your veins and lungs for keeping you afloat.

now look back in the mirror. let your bright eyes sparkle a fearless gaze: IT IS OKAY.

you are AMAZING.

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