visit love here.

you are remarkable on twitter

100 acorns
a site by Yoko Ono offering 100 days of conceptual instruction.
little tibits on how to relax & explore & love everything around you.

a beautiful site featuring tips on loving yourself, fashion, & advice
& how to crown your beautiful life.

you are beautiful

love exists
a community to discuss where you’ve found love
& where you think it’s hiding.

adios barbie
a site where woman & men can learn to love their bodies.

learning to love you more

a beautiful participation website.

their mission is: to change this statistic:
“young girls are more afraid of becoming fat
than they are of cancer, nuclear war or losing their parents”

de la vega
amazing, beautiful, inspirational
street art.

thank you too.
wonderful little thank you affirmations.

a wonderful adventure for each letter of the alphabet.

positively present
an inspiring blog about living a lovely life.

16 Responses to “visit love here.”
  1. just discovered you thru and I’m so excited! love this blog!

  2. roe says:

    “its hard to see the sun, but today i’m going to embrace this life as a cloud would embrace the suns warm shine, im going to move on there’s to many oppertunities and i’m not about to pass one by, i’m done trying to lead the world cause one day it won’t matter who i was, its time to lead my life its my time to shine in my own eyes, time to release my slef from this meterialistic bond.”

  3. lulugoesadventuring says:

    I am super excited. I love the idea of spreading the love anonymously.. I am going to make 100′s of little chocolate parcels with your address on them, and leave them around london. it’s possible people won’t eat them cause London’s dirty, so maybe i’ll substitue Chocolate with something else. thankyou :D

  4. mamavision says:

    “Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, it will achieve.”
    -mamaV’s dad

    My dad reinforced this quote to me throughout my childhood and these words represent the statement that guides me to this day.

    Believe it.

  5. Wonderfully beautiful website. I can’t think of a more inspiring blog. Love it!

    Please feel free to add my site to your links :)

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Hugo says:

    You linked to our website. Thank You!

  7. Jeannie says:

    I can’t even tell you how great this website is.
    I’m going through one of the most horrible and heartbreaking times of my life and finding this website has given me some hope.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  8. swakproject says:

    This site is so amazing, and thank you for these links. It’s wonderful to know there are so many inspired people in the world, and that they’re spreading the inspiration.

  9. Alexxandrea says:

    Hey! I am a huge fan of your blog and of the themes you represent and advocate! Would you care to trade links?

    Thank you kindly,

  10. katie says:

    this blog made me feel something real for the first time in a long while.

    thank you from the bottom of my continually expanding heart.

  11. dma says:

    I believe in Happily Ever Now… :)

    and we are all way too hard on ourselves.

  12. Tam says:

    I am possibly happier now than I have ever been in my life. The best thing is, while I know that I could live and die perfectly content with the feeling I have right now, I also know that there’s no point where it can’t get better! It’s crazy the way our hearts expand to let in hope and happiness and love and new friendships. I also know that if things go downhill, they’ll eventually go back up, and life will seem even better for it.

    I’m so glad there are sites like this out there. Thank you for spreading joy and inspiration. <3

  13. sophiashouse says:

    I’m so inspired by your site – the creativity, the simplicity, the uniqueness. I’m a fan!

  14. maebenweg says:


  15. amberly says:

    this website is absolutely beautiful

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