the revolution


getting mail in an of itself is an experience in my house; getting mail that is actually for me, and that is not a bill, is an exceptional occurance. I was confused by the postmark, but opened the letter and read it aloud in disbelief. however it came to be, it brightened my day, my outlook, my spirit, and for that i am truly grateful.
-siobhan (worcester massachusetts.)

this is perfect.
“dear k-founder of “you are remarkable” and sported leader of the postal revolution, to bring good feelings to random people and good revenue to the united states postal service. i want to “thank you” for your positive energy and kindness. hey, who wouldn’t want to receive a kind and positive note in the mail? i think it’s rather COOL and UNIQUE that you are using your time and energy to encourage people to say a nice thing and spread a kind thought. and as a member of your postal service, i do encourage the written word. keep up the good work!”
-k, massachusetts (from proud postal worker wanda)

I loved the letter I received. It made my day, inspired me, motivated me, and even came with a workout cd! It’s so great to hear someone tell you they are proud of you, even if you don’t know them at all. They said I inspired them to go to the gym as well. I think I’ll send them a workout cd, so I can keep them motivated. :)

I posted the card they made on my mirror, I look at it every morning. Thanks, no really… this was exactly what I needed to hear.

Pushing forward,
Amber (florida)
thank you cupertino girl.
it was really uplifting for me to see, some sweet little girl ( though you are 18, you are still little to me) from almost opposite side of the planet, wrote me a very positive + + letter. as you address me by my real name, it felt even more personal. how do i tell you, it brought soo much positive vibes, it energized me completely. Felt like calling you immediately, wanted to know what your name might be,how do you look like and a million query….!
i am doing ok, don’t worry about me. i know i have to look forward to good future,and i know it will be all good soon. thanks again.

love and hugs. dilkey.

it is fun writing without capital letters!!
-Dilkey (malaysia)

my letter arrived on my desk on a sunday. now, we all know the lovely
mail carriers do not work on sundays. for some mail carriers, it is
their only day off. I know someone must have not checked our mailbox
on saturday but I felt it was a sign that this lovely note and mix cd
ended up on my desk- straight from Loves Park, IL. Loves Park!!! Such
a perfect name for a town. The cd was “full of my favorite feel good
tunes and there’s nothing like a dance break to cure a busy day
blues.” I popped the magical disk into my computer and a giant smile
appeared on my face as I began to listen. the first three songs,
couldn’t stop smiling. there’s something about a Kanye, Santogold,
Lykke Li collaboration that gets me to dance. My favorite Hot Chip
song! PB&J! Regina! ELO! Queen! Tilly and the Wall! ending of course,
with some Journey. “you are loved! you are kicking butt!” just let you
know becky, you are remarkable and whenever one of these songs comes
up when I shuffle, I’ll always have a smile on my face.

and it goes on and on and on……
-erin (massachusetts)
I was having a pretty bad day and I anonymously received a letter from Bay Area, CA wondering who it could be, and I read the most inspiring of words. If I keep reading those letter, they will one day be embedded in my mind.
Thank you
-diana (california)
Dear New Zealander,

I got your card.

I find it greatly uplifting to think that you believe I matter—or that anyone does for that matter. I am, as you probably painfully aware, a very self-critical and cynical person so life is probably easier than I make it out to be at times. I can get that. It’s when you say I am “loved” because I am “remarkable” that it gets to me.

Your letter is a beautiful, infuriating, wonderful, and horrifying fortune-cookie that pulls at my heartstrings “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” That’s pure poetry, my friend. I sure hope that’s original, because I can see your advice being given to the masses, but written so personally to me like this… I just don’t know what to think at all. Maybe I’m just too much of a romantic.

Please take note that I am really not the type to take such words, to heart so easily, yet here I am finding myself wanting desperately to hold onto them. Quite annoying really since it seems my entire personality seeks to do nothing but hold back and destroy myself. No one’s perfect though, but maybe you’re an angel.

I feel like I should know you…

So, I guess there’s only one last thing for me to say right now (besides thanks again for the touching letter).

Whoever you are; I love you.

With great appreciation,
I received a letter on a day I was feeling especially blue.
The letter contained a mobile to hang.
When I got this letter and gift, all I could do is sit and cry and thank no one in particular. This letter meant so much to me. If I could thank the person who sent it, I would, whole-heartedly. It isn’t easy being 16, or a girl. Sometimes I feel so alone and this letter showed me I’m not ever alone and that a stranger can be whoever you need them to be.
It’s 2:30 AM and I just got home. I was quite surprised to see that I had any mail all. To find out that someone took the time to write to me personally made me feel… special, different, important even. The letter I got was from Sofia in Sweden, inside the envelope was a picture, a piece of artwork rather, and on the back the words, “just be you. it doesn’t matter what people think.” Behind that was a letter, written in green ink, telling me that I’m remarkable, that everyone is lovable and special in their own way. Sofia shared with me things from her own life, that made her feel special. The letter she wrote was a reminder to be myself, to not worry about what other people think and to know that being different is awesome. The letter ends with “remember that you are remarkable.”
This letter really caught me off guard. I really wasn’t expecting such a thoughtful letter from a complete stranger. In the past few months I’ve been trying to deal with the death of my best friend, who was killed in Iraq in January. This letter has helped me to realize that you can’t take anyone for granted, because in a matter of moments, the people who matter most can disappear forever. Take the chance to tell people you love them every day, that they are remarkable, let them know how much they mean to you before you can’t anymore.
-ryan (california)
I found this small blue piece of paper with a flower on it saying “Life is beautiful” on a cafeteria table at school one morning.  The website was on the back.  I went, as a result of my strong curiosity.  I’m glad I did.
Hi there!:
I’m so happy I received my letters! Here I add my feeling about it, and also a few photos, because my sloppy english (spanish is my mother language) cannot convey how happy I was to receive them.
When I first received my letters (yes, two!) I felt so overwhelmed by imagining the person who wrote each one of them! How much love carried those three words for me. “You are Remarkable”, each one of the envelopes said. When I opened them, and I read the contents, I felt a warm hug in my heart.
Almost all the time, I found myself unwanted, undesired, unhappy, and more words begining with “un”. I try to prove myself wrong, but sometimes I fail miserably. I’m trying to get away from this depression, and I certainly am, and I’m looking close to the day that I could believe those amazing words written on both letters.
Thanks, even if I don’t know you, I love you. A big hug to you, and to everyone!
-Ximena (Chile)
Dear Michelle,
I wanted to thank you for the remarkable letter you sent to me. I was so
thrilled to get a piece of mail from “You Are Remarkable” and when I
opened it, I was truly touched. To know that somebody across the world can
recognize beauty, anonymously, is truly amazing. Thank you for lifting my
spirits and making me smile.

I was lucky enough to receive two cards! They came on days when I needed a lift and it was such a beautiful surprise. Thank you so much for starting the revolution.


i received this letter a while back actually. an ever since then i’ve been wanting to tell you (whoever you are) how much this helped save my life. great detail is not needed at this point, but my life was failing and to know that someone is thinking of me, if only for five minutes, was more than i could ever ask for. sorry for my lateness. but you really are a wonderful person. i wish i could make you feel the way you made me feel. loved.
Im not sure if anyone actually reads these, or how busy you are. but during a particularly busy time during finals in uni last month i received a letter taped to my dorm door in a beautiful envelope! in the letter it explained that the author did not know me and just wanted to tell me why i was remarkable and to keep my chin up during finals. she also wrote your website down on the bottom of the letter and told me to check it out if i was ever feeling like i needed a pick me up! so today a couple weeks later i decided to find your website. and it is beautiful! i love the idea of sending letters and receiving them as well! i know my random letter sure made me feel good and id love to pass it on!
-taryn calgary, alberta, canada.
dear feel good revolution,
i can’t quite explain why it’s taken me over two years to mail these photos, since this letter is my most prized possession. i can still remember seeing the colorful envelope in my mailbox & holding my breath as i read every word. i keep it framed by my bedside, so that it is the first thing i see every morning.
i am so thankful for you & the community you have built for bringing this letter my way.
lovelovelove, kelly koenig

34 thoughts on “the revolution

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  2. Shall I scan or post a picture of myself with it?

    I loved your words of inspiration, I was in disbelief and awe senderone.

    I loved the envelope. Cutest picture, sendertwo.

  3. Sarah – I am the Siobhan you wrote to – must have 2 people that think I’m remarkable enough to be involved in the revolution! Your card was beautiful – and yes, it’s warming up in Worcester :-)
    Thanks so much, I’ll send in a pic here soon!

  4. Dear V,

    My name is Ashley and I wrote you the letter with the mobile! I was so touched to hear how it affected you. I’m really glad I was able to help you and never forget that even though we don’t know eachother I really do feel like you’re special and important and remarkable. I hope you’re smiling more now :)

  5. Ximena,

    I understand and relate to all your “uns”. As a good friend is fond of telling me, “Earth school can be terribly difficult.”

    I am happy you got two (!) letters. Wow, that’s really saying something. You are special, squared.

    Just breathe in and out. Sometimes that’s all and the best you can do. Being is often more challenging than doing. (At least it is from my chair.)

    Best to you.

  6. I was absolutely THRILLED to see comments from two of my love letter recipients here, and words can’t describe the warmth in my heart when I found a written response in the mail!!! What an amazing project to be part of, what incredible and remarkable people one finds just by sending out a little love <333

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  8. I got a letter. I didn’t feel good after it I felt a bit spooked. It’s kind of presumptuous and freaked me out. Hard to appreciate someone you don’t know making calls on your personality and giving you advice that perhaps you don’t need. I appreciate the effort and the idea but I don’t understand it.


    • oh goodness – i sent a few letters recently, and if that was mine then i’m so sorry. i was really just going by the description of the person i was given. and if it wasn’t mine – i’m sure that the author wrote it with the best of intentions, still. i’m sorry you’re freaked out and i hope there was at least something good you got out of this experience.

    • I completely forgot about the Postal Revolution, but something just reminded me of it and I decided to revisit this page. I wrote a letter to you, Kaitlyn, during my freshman year of college in 2008. Three years later, I am reading this and I am so overjoyed that my card was able to make you feel loved! Really nothing can describe how happy this has made me tonight! Hopefully you’ll get this comment and that you’re doing wonderfully. :)

      -Kelsey Rose

  9. at first thought, cute notes from middle class kids aint help’n any one who needs clean water in Equador, or stopping children in Bangladesh from having to dig through trash for batteries just to make enough to eat rice for the day.
    It’s nice to help each other out, but grow up. you live in a world of privilege and over consumption. act accordingly

    • it must get very lonely to be so pessimistic about people putting their love out into the world. you could probably use a letter.

  10. i dont know much about this website other than the few times i’ve shared my thoughts/letters/notes in the love letters section. thats as far as i’d ever gotten on this site until someone found me here and sent me an email. it may not have been a letter in the mail but let me assure you it was incredible that someone with a seemingly like spirit thought enough of me to let me into their life and care about mine. life is so very short not to embrace love and give to those who are in need of a smile. it certainly comes when its needed most too. remarkable indeed…..thank you lori…..

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  12. Dear Dilkey,

    I somehow only stumbled across this page now, and I realize it was almost two years ago since I’ve sent you the letter! I hope you are doing well, and I am so happy to hear I was able brighten your day! I only hope you are still doing wonderfully, and remember that there will always be someone on the other side of the planet thinking about you!

    -Cupertino girl

  13. really? maybe i should send you a real letter from someone who experiences real life at the wrong end.

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