greet another day.

5:30 am. Cozy bed.I gotta get up.Gotta work.  So many things to do today.Don’t wanna.It can wait till tomorrow.Wait – did I say that yesterday? Crap, that means I have yesterday’s work AND today’s work to do.In that case, won’t matter if I put it all off till tomorrow now.1 day, 2 days, 3… it’s … Continue reading

& out of despair…

i’m terrified. of getting older, and losing the memories that got me here. of spending more time talking about what was, than about what will be. of seeing my hope become regret, and realizing that the worst days behind me are still my best days. of always having that pull in my stomach when i … Continue reading


when i get into bed at night, i literally crawl knees up on the bed, arms splayed, searching for the best spot to flop down i scrunch myself into a ball, keeping myself warm rock a little bit to find the mattress’ sweet spot experiement with arm under the pillow; arm out in front of … Continue reading


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