the boy who cried wolf.

there is a wolf who comes each day with his tail between his legs. his fur is matted and dirty as no one pays attention. he howls and tugs at his own fur desperate to make his outsides match his insides, desperate for a cure. there is a wolf with teeth bared with beautiful, bright eyes who is willing to fight for a remedy to this feral life. instead of turning away, avoiding eye contact, passive stares, let’s turn towards & offer an ear to hear his stories & for to see the world through his eyes.

Natural disasters.

i was once a tornado, a volcano, an unstoppable force of nature then i dug my feet into the ground trying to root myself in the normalcies of society. i watched as my flowers grew dull & then fell off completely. i cried as my leaves turned brown & shriveled. but now, oh now, the air is getting heavy & the winds are picking up. there is a fire starting behind my eyelids & my belly hungers for destruction. hold on tightly.

you are…

You are – more than you think.
You are – a beacon of light to those still searching.
You are – a path followed, a dream more than dreamt, a life being pursued.
You are – a difference, a change, a strive to be better.
You are – the world and how it should be lived.
You are – an inspiration to those around you, a symbol of hope, of happiness, to more than just ‘getting by.’
You are – a reason to celebrate appreciate, and love.
You have to believe, with all your heart, You are – the most important person in the world, in your world.
You are – remarkable. Now, let it go, and let it be.
– Rihana R. Hooten